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Michael & Jessica

Michael & Jessica

One of the biggest benefits of Weeks is the extensive range of quality trades that they use. We were able to choose basically everything during the selection process, from the flooring and wall colours, to the tapware and tiles. Weeks offer so many different products.

Jenn & Alex

Jenn & Alex

Being married for three years now, we were thinking it’s time to either build or buy. We selected Weeks because of the locality to South Australia. Being SA-based made it a lot easier to get in contact with people and get the ball rolling. The building process is so smooth – if we had any questions, everyone is always so quick to come back with an answer in the most descriptive way possible.

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas

When deciding to build with Weeks, the Supaloc steel framing was a really important for me as it gave me real peace of mind. Supaloc was definitely an advantage when deciding who to build with. I would encourage anyone to build with Weeks Building Group because they are a fantastic organisation.

Maraya & Dan

Maraya & Dan

Through Weeks, we were able to build at our desired location with a house and land package – we were more than happy with that! Looking through Weeks Building Group’s display homes, we were pleased with the houses they could produce. It was all a smooth process from then.



We come home and the kids always say “we love our house, we love our house” and I love our house too! It’s because its ours – we designed it, we built it and put our heart and soul into it. Building with Weeks was a really easy process and I was very happy.

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Mary 5 ★

It has been 18 months living very happily in our home and after hearing other building horror stories we realised how fortunate we were to have the Weeks team. Thank you all.

Dale 3 ★

This is our first experience building, and whilst we are currently in the construction phase, the process has been a pretty positive experience to date.

Matthew 4 ★

We are in our new home for almost three months now. Though there was a delay in completion of the project, it was a journey without much hassles. From the design to the completion, it was a smooth sailing process.

Joe 4 ★

Upon receiving quotes from various builders it was clear that Weeks included more in their initial price but also the scope of works were clearer. We knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Frank 4 ★

Weeks were professional, accommodating and understanding with the entire build process. Build quality was excellent as we got the studio selection and they included a lot of things for us.

Tom 4 ★

Despite a slow start (not all Weeks fault) the build went to plan and cost. The quality of work has been very good and the steel frame keeps everything nice and straight.

Laura 3 ★

Our Selections Consultant followed up all of our questions and did her best to grant all of our requests and when she couldn’t, she came up with an alternative solution.

Steve H. 5 ★

They have done an amazing job of using every inch of the awkward shaped block to achieve the design to meet my needs. I would like to thank the Weeks Team for the assistance and input.

Laura G. 5 ★

To this day I am so happy to have selected Weeks Building Group to build my home and I continue to recommend them.

Amanda D. 5 ★

Weeks provided us with the flexibility to design our own floor plan and the sales teams advise was invaluable. We would highly recommend Weeks as a builder of choice.

Mary S. 5 ★

We are just beginning our build with weeks Building Group and have been very impressed with the professionalism of the efficient system we have experienced to get us to this excavation stage.

Sharon D. 5 ★

This is our first home build and we can’t be happier that we have chosen Weeks as our builder.

Reuben H. 5 ★

If you are looking to build I can recommend Weeks. So far the decision to build with Weeks has been a great. This is our first build and we really had no idea what we were doing or what we wanted

Cameron S. 5 ★

We have just moved into our new Weeks home and are extremely pleased with how the house has turned out. Will highly recommend Weeks to family and friends in the future.

Chris E. 4 ★

Having never built before, the concept was very daunting, the staff at Weeks were friendly, professional and valued me as a customer, they gave me a great discount on my actual footings cost of which I appreciated.

Naomi B. 5 ★

Overall extremely happy with the outcome and process. I would highly recommend to family and friends wanting to build to get in contact with Weeks Building Group.

Joel D. 5 ★

From the first meeting with our sales consultant to the hand over process with our building supervisor, my wife and I have nothing but praise for Weeks Building Group.

Stefan M. 5 ★

Very happy with the outcome of my very own first home. I did a lot of research with different building companies and Weeks were by far the best and cheapest to go with compared to others!

Jennifer G. 5 ★

We have completed our admin process with Weeks and our experience so far has been good. Looking forward to the full build and getting our home!