Supaloc Steel Frames

So why are Supaloc® steel frames the superior choice for new homes?

When you consider a new home is possibly the largest investment you will make in your lifetime, it makes sense to protect every aspect of it. Unfortunately, the very core of that investment, in many homes, is simply not safe with the threat of termite damage on the rise in Australia. A staggering 1 in every 5 Australian Homes suffer from termite damage, with repair costs not uncommonly in excess of $40k.

Statistics show that these silent destroyers often go undetected until the damage is so excessive that to the homeowners surprise it requires extensive and expensive repairs. Even more surprising to the homeowner is the realisation that such damage is not covered my most insurance companies.


Precision Engineered.

It is fair to suggest timber is becoming the old-fashioned way to build new homes. Supaloc’s® engineering ensures each component of the frame is unique to your new home, manufactured with unparalleled precision and then locked together with patented brackets and connections. There is simply no room for error. Made with TrueCore® steel each Supaloc® frame is also backed by a 50 year BlueScope written warranty*.

Safe & Secure.

Supaloc® steel frames are safer, stronger and more secure than other framing solutions. Supaloc® steel framing possesses a unique strength; it is the only system that attaches each and every component together and bolts them to the slab.  This ensures outstanding wind loading qualities, even in severe storm conditions.

What else do I need to know?

In addition to being 100% termite proof, there are many great features of building with Supaloc steel frames. You will find information on our most frequently asked questions below.

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